We present women’s issues as everyone’s issues through an intersectional and inclusive lens. We strive to elevate new and diverse women’s voices across a variety of industries, career paths and geographic areas in the state because there isn’t one way to be a woman. We cover race, accessibility and socioeconomic status, and we include men and gender-nonconforming individuals in our discussions because we all play a unique role in creating equity and justice for everyone. We believe in providing a space for real, raw stories that are honest, vulnerable and nuanced. We are respectful of all points of view and value civil discussions. 

We strive to be accessible to everyone. We meet you where you are by providing coverage within the Business Record, but also within our free weekly newsletter and on the Fearless website. 

We are apolitical. We do not endorse candidates or cover day-to-day elections or party platforms. We’ve intentionally chosen not to do this because we know there are a number of national and local news organizations that make it their specialty to provide election and politics coverage. Instead, we will talk about politics through the lens of representation of women and policy related to gender and family issues. We encourage you to consume many different sources of news in addition to our coverage so you can be an informed citizen.

We are solutions-oriented and won’t present issues without providing perspectives on what can be done about them. We will not simplify what is complex. We work to find people who can share intellectual and inspiring perspectives because our audience is intelligent and motivated. We strive to ensure that “Iowa Nice” means seeking justice for all.

We believe in connection. We know the best ideas come from sharing stories and experiences with each other. We strive to connect our audience with new thoughts and perspectives in our coverage, and we expect our audience to feel uncomfortable at times as we learn from each other through civil discourse. We work to show that issues that affect us in life also affect us at work – and vice versa. We connect our audience with others who are equally passionate about these issues through our events.