What topics do you cover within Fearless? 
While we cover current events related to women’s issues, our newsletter is guided by monthly themes on issues identified by our readers as those most important to them. Those themes include: leadership, child care, the power of the people and the public office, health care, overcoming discrimination and adversity, career pathways and advancement, activism and advocacy, risk-taking and failure, confidence, mentorship and professional development, business ownership, and financial empowerment.

How can I share story ideas? 
Feel free to reach out to Fearless Editor Emily Kestel at any time via email: emilykestel@bpcdm.com or @emilykestel on Instagram and Twitter. You can also talk to Business Record Editor Emily Barske at 515-661-6085, emilybarske@bpcdm.com or @emilybarske on Twitter. 

Can I submit a guest opinion piece? 
Yes, you can submit a guest opinion piece that we will consider for publication. However, if possible, it’s best to reach out to Fearless Editor Emily Kestel (emilykestel@bpcdm.com) to discuss your idea beforehand because we are intentionally selective in pieces we decide to run to ensure there is diversity in the perspectives represented. We are also doing individual outreach to bring in new voices. If you think someone has a valuable idea to share, we encourage you to reach out. 

Are you endorsing the views of the guest opinions you feature? 
Opinions expressed in guest opinion pieces and “Your Take” pieces are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of Fearless or the Business Record. We believe in elevating all kinds of perspectives related to the advancement of women. However, we use editorial judgment when considering each piece with a goal of ensuring it is in line with our core values, advances discussion, is factually accurate and does not degrade others. 

What’s the difference between a guest opinion piece and a “Your Take” piece? 
Guest opinion pieces are typically planned well in advance and relate directly to the month’s theme. “Your Take” is meant to offer our audience a chance to offer some quick thoughts related to current events, even if they don’t necessarily relate to that month’s theme. The guest opinion pieces don’t have a set word count, but are typically more in-depth than a “Your Take” piece. 

If Fearless is about empowering women, why do your stories sometimes include men? 
We believe that to empower women, we need everyone at the table, including gender-nonconforming individuals and men who are allies. When we include men’s perspectives, we do so in a way as to not diminish women’s voices, but to show the role men play in creating an equitable world for women. For example, while paternity leave specifically applies to men taking leave for caregiving after the birth of a child, the role men play at home significantly affects the balance of emotional labor and their partner’s career trajectory – making it very much a women’s issue. 

Why do you cover politics? 
The Business Record and all its publications, including Fearless, are apolitical. The Business Record has never endorsed candidates or covered day-to-day elections or party platforms. We’ve chosen not to do this because we know there are a number of national and local news organizations that make it their specialty to provide election and politics coverage, and we have instead focused our efforts on policy issues as they relate to the Business Record’s goal of helping businesses do business better. We encourage you to consume many different sources of news in addition to our products so you can be an informed citizen.

We will not shy away from complex issues just because we take an apolitical approach, though. We are covering politics within Fearless because we know that decisions that are made in public office very much affect a woman’s ability to succeed in work and life. Our focus will be on representation of women in politics and policies that specifically relate to gender issues. 

I thought I subscribed to the newsletter but I haven’t been receiving it. What’s the deal? 
Be sure to check all sections of your inbox. If you have Gmail, for example, check the promotions tab. If it’s not there, check your spam or junk folder. If you’re still not seeing it, please contact jasonswanson@bpcdm.com

How can I best support Fearless and the work you’re doing?
There are several ways to support Fearless. 

  • Subscribe to our newsletter and share our content with others who might also like it. 
  • By becoming a sponsor, you can help your business directly reach Iowa’s most influential female leaders and emerging leaders, and position your organization as an employer of choice for top talent in our community. To learn about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Sara Brown at sarabrown@bpcdm.com.
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