By Ashlee Vieregger, senior lead adviser, Foster Group and Brittany Heard, lead adviser, Foster Group

Editor’s note: This is a four-part guest commentary series from West Des Moines-based financial advisory firm Foster Group that aims to provide insight into navigating your financial health, from early career to retirement.

Setting the stage for financial health early in your career

Earning your first paycheck is an undeniably exciting time. But do you know what to do with your pay? With three key steps, you can build good financial habits early.

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Financial health in the prime of your career – it’s time for a checkup

You’ve been working for several years now – you’re earning, saving, paying down debt, investing and giving. What’s next?

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Are you approaching retirement? It’s time to get your financial health in order

Planning for retirement can be one of the most daunting financial stages of life because there are so many competing priorities to manage and responsibilities to juggle. Should I pay down debt or accelerate my savings? How will I help my children cover the cost of college? What can I do to support my aging father on a fixed income? What about my own physical, mental and financial health? Women especially are pulled in many directions and burnout is all too common. Read on for some tips to help you manage it all.

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Navigating financial health in retirement

Planning for retirement is the journey of a lifetime – a marathon, not a sprint. But what happens after you cross the finish line? You may feel proud, relieved, excited. You may wonder, “What’s next? How do I navigate this new chapter?” Read on for more on the art and science of navigating life after the working world. 

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