Lindsay Cannaday, VP, business development director, GreenState Credit Union

As a woman of color, it’s always felt like my biggest adversaries were other women. I often would get “constructive feedback” that I was too aggressive or that I shouldn’t speak up as much. On paper I was a high producer with quality outcomes who took on additional work, but my performance reviews never reflected that, which directly impacted raises and promotions. When I finally decided to leave a corporate job after close to 10 years, I had to choose my mental health over financial security. It was a hard choice as a young single mother and newer homeowner. Looking back, I would do it again in a heartbeat! 

I went where I was valued even though the earning potential was lower. I spent two years in a nonprofit undoing the psychological damage previous managers put me through. I spent time building up my self-worth and learning my strength as an individual and leader. Now, I spend time pouring into women that look like me that lack support in corporate spaces. I hope I can teach other women to know what their nonnegotiables are and how to set boundaries even when it feels like you cannot.

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