Connection is one of our Fearless core values. We strive to connect our audience with new thoughts and perspectives in our weekly e-newsletter. Guest contributors are key to this.

Those who contribute opinion and commentary pieces ensure Fearless is inclusive by giving voice to a variety of issues throughout the year. We prefer to work with writers from ideation to final draft rather than publishing pieces that are already completed, but we are always open to considering something you’ve worked on.

Our team works closely with the writers to draft pieces with unique angles to prompt our audience to think more deeply about a topic. The best writing often includes vulnerable stories that help readers understand the importance of an issue, whether or not they’ve had relatable experiences. In an effort to be solutions-oriented, we often ask writers to include a call to action or specific examples of what readers might do after consuming their piece.

To kick off 2023, we published a collection of advice, words of wisdom and hopes for Iowa women. Last spring, Rachel Manuel Bruns wrote about reducing C-section rates to improve maternal health. Then, Anna Nalean told Fearless readers about when she quit her job to travel the world solo, and Katie Kreis wrote about eight women’s lessons from working for family businesses. This past summer, Krista Tedrow wrote about magic prevailing after childhood abuse and workaholism, and Kim Grzywacz wrote about combating imposter syndrome. Recently, Seeta Lee wrote about revamping New Year’s resolutions – especially those about your body.

What perspectives do you feel need to be shared? Are you interested in submitting a piece for Fearless? Send me an email with topic ideas and, if possible, past writing samples at

We are especially interested in columns relating to our key focus areas: advocacy, business ownership, career pathways and advancement, child care, confidence, financial empowerment, policy, health care, leadership, mentoring, overcoming discrimination and risk-taking. However, we are open to considering any and all ideas.

We prefer columns about topics that could benefit many Iowa women and girls, rather than columns about niche topics. We also try to avoid marketing speak, corporate jargon, self-promotion and politics, although we recognize that some topics are inseparable from political discussions. Your words should be authentic, personal and raw.

We look forward to sharing your perspectives with our audience.