Tell us about a time you were fearless. 

After much soul-searching in 2020, I took action toward pivoting from a stable career as an engineer to working for an entrepreneur to grow her professional coaching business. It was a huge risk, but I am so grateful I did it as I am much happier doing something I am passionate about and working for an amazing boss who has the same values as me. Passions and values are everything – if those are not in alignment, you will never find satisfaction. 

How have you found confidence? How can we help others be confident?

I have found confidence in telling myself everything will be OK. I now catch myself when I start my negative self-talk and try to change the script in my head and remind myself that I am a talented and capable human being who pours her heart into everything she does, and it will be OK. I also collaborate with others along the way to gain support and accomplish more than I ever could on my own. 

If we can all just help each other more and focus on the good instead of our shortcomings, we can all be more productive and effective professionals and human beings. You need to think beyond yourself to stay centered. One way I do this is to prioritize time to give back to my community. It keeps me grounded, and you gain a lot of supporters and advocates through the process!

What does it mean to be a leader? What can leaders do to focus on women’s and gender issues?

Being a leader is being confident in knowing who you are and what your purpose is, and helping others along the way. Leaders need to not only continue the conversation on gender issues, which creates awareness, but also take small actions along the way that can work toward the overwhelming goal of achieving gender equity. Every little thing you can do to make progress helps, and it helps you feel a sense of accomplishment.  

What does it mean to take a risk? What’s a time you took a personal risk?

Taking a risk means to take action on something you know in your soul you should do, despite what your practical side of your brain and our culture might expect of you. Life is too short to live based on other’s expectations of you. 

I know when I switched my career some people were probably thinking I was crazy. I also went through years of talking myself out of it before I found the confidence to make the leap. Hiring a professional coach really helped me sort through my thoughts and finally find that confidence and take action on it. I highly recommend it.

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