Three years ago, the Business Record launched the Fearless initiative with a goal to empower Iowa women to succeed in work and life through our articles, stories and community events. 

At its core, Fearless aims to amplify the perspectives, stories and insights of Iowa women and gender-nonconforming individuals.

To celebrate the Fearless initiative’s birthday, we publish an annual collection of profiles of fearless Iowa women in the print edition of the Business Record and on the Fearless website. We do this because we believe it’s our duty not just to report on what somebody does, but also to share about who they are. 

If there is a theme to this year’s stories, it is perhaps resilience. Those who spoke with Fearless writer Nicole Grundmeier and me had powerful stories to tell about overcoming various obstacles and pushing through adversity. 

You’ll find that each of them has a different perspective about what it means to be fearless and how fearlessness manifests itself. Special thanks to our designer Kate Meyer, whose illustrations bring their stories to life, and our photographers. We hope you enjoy reading these stories. 

What is the Fearless initiative? We produce a free e-newsletter every Monday, content on this website, monthly coverage in the Business Record and a series of events to connect our audience. 

– Emily Barske Wood, Business Record special projects editor

Fearless is going back to school as a nontraditional student to enter a male-dominated field. Read Christen Bain’s story

Fearless is finding a new purpose in life after surviving a shark attack. Read Heidi Ernst’s story

Fearless is starting a tech nonprofit for veterans at 14 years old. Read Abigail Johnson’s story

Fearless is leading your business and community through love, empathy and compassion. Read Marlén Mendoza’s story

Fearless is making a career change and becoming the Iowa State Gymnastics head coach. Read Ashley Miles Greig’s story

Fearless is building a community organization to fight division. Read Monique Scarlett’s story

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Julie Schoenherr · October 30, 2023 at 3:09 pm

The City of Sioux City is so very proud of Monique for all she has done to champion community involvement !! She has a unique ability to bring people of all diversities together. Monique truly is FEARLESS when it comes to leading the advancement of community togetherness!!

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