By Emily Kestel, Fearless editor

The Business Record’s Fearless initiative is celebrating its second birthday this year. We remain steadfast in living up to our goal of empowering Iowa women to succeed in work and life through our articles, stories and community events. 

At its core, Fearless aims to amplify the perspectives, stories and insights of Iowa women and gender-nonconforming individuals.

Our magnum opus each year is the annual publication of profiles of fearless Iowa women. We do this because we believe it’s our duty not just to report on what somebody does, but also to share about who they are. 

The stories we’re publishing this year are deeply personal, and are ones of overcoming, perseverance, achievement and hope. They feature women who are resilient, ambitious, courageous, passionate and visionary. Their stories weave together to create a colorful tapestry of what it means to be fearless and how fearlessness manifests itself.

Fearless is using your experience as an immigrant to mentor others. Read Mayada Alwan’s story.

Fearless is leaving an abusive relationship, and making it your mission to help others do the same. Read Courageous Fire’s story.

Fearless is summiting the highest peaks on the seven continents despite growing up in a state with no mountains. Read Jen Loeb’s story. 

Fearless is saying yes to new opportunities, and lifting other women up along the way. Read Denise O’Brien’s story. 

Fearless is not letting your age hold you back from achieving your dreams and goals. Read Sydney Rieckhoff’s story. 

Fearless is finding a way to move forward when you’ve been broken into a million pieces. Read Patty Sneddon-Kisting’s story.

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